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JAPAN'S BOMBING OF DARWIN: * Seventy-five years ago, 188 Japanese planes bombed Darwin in two air raids, drawing the Top End of Australia into World War II. Darwin Bombed: An A/A Gunner’s Reflections – J. Mulholland – $34.95 When Jack Mulholland volunteered in 1940 for service in Darwin as an aircraft gunner, he was not sure what to expect. The port town of Darwin, in Australia’s Northern Territory, had become the main staging base for ships and aircraft heading towards Java. The bombing of Darwin on 19 February 1942 was both the first and the largest attack mounted by Japan against mainland Australia, when four Japanese aircraft carriers (Akagi, Kaga, Hiryū and Sōryū) launched a total of 188 aircraft from a position in the Timor Sea. "Only this week I was identifying a portion of a Dutch bomber — it was an enormous war and it's scattered all over.". "[Airmen said]: 'I went out and I shot down three blokes and I saw the smoke coming out of the aircraft,' and then you examine the mission and find none of their aircraft were shot down at all.". Only four Japanese aircraft (all navy carrier-borne) were confirmed to have been destroyed by Darwin's defenders. In the first and deadliest set of attacks, 242 aircraft hit Darwin on the morning of 19 February 1942. Despite losing 900 lives, 77 aircraft and several ships, no cities in Australia fell to Japan. That was something that had never been written down, and it needed to be done," author Dr Tom Lewis said. Dr Lewis said he believed only a relatively small portion of the WWII wreckages and remains in the north had been discovered because of the remote landscape. The second attack, which began an hour later, involved high altitude bombing of the Royal Australian Air Force base at Parap which lasted for between twenty to twenty-five minutes. The day after the bombing on February 19, 1942, pilot Sergeant Hajime Toyoshima was returning as one of the 188 aircraft that had bombed Darwin … "I wanted to establish the truth of it — how many raids did they make, how many aircraft did they lose? Most had their remains scattered across the waters and remote bushland in the north. [4], Japanese naval flying boats conducted four small air raids on the north Queensland towns of Townsville and Mossman in late July 1942. Local Tiwi indigenous man Matthias Ulungura was leading a group of hunters when they came upon the 21-year-old Japanese airman and captured him. Share A new book looks set to rewrite Australian history about the number of raids on Darwin by the Japanese in World War II. Ten days later the aircraft carrier task force which 74 days previously had caused destruction at the US naval base at Pearl Harbor launched 188 aircraft for the assault on Darwin. Townsville was attacked for the second time in the early hours of 28 July when a single flying boat dropped eight bombs which landed in bushland outside the town. Twenty military aircraft were destroyed, eight ships at anchor in the harbour were sunk, and most civil and military facilities in Darwin were destroyed. It's been a year since bushfire smoke engulfed Canberra. This raiding force was led by Commander Mitsuo Fuchida, who … LEST WE FORGET 4 Comments Mel Prosser. An aerial photograph of vessels burning in Darwin Harbour taken by a Japanese airman during the first raid. Hi Mel Prosser I have Bombs over Darwin print 345/1800 by James Baines. Four enemy aircraft were brought down. Its cargo included 200 depth charges which exploded as the ship lay beside the Darwin wharf. These attacks were opposed by, and often aimed at, units and personnel from the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), Australian Army, Royal Australian Navy, United States Army Air Forces, United States Navy, British Royal Air Force and Royal Netherlands East Indies Air Force. Allied casualties were 235 killed and between 300 and 400 wounded, the majority of whom were non-Australian Allied sailors. Mitsubishi G4M Bettys and G3M Nells dropped a further 32.050 […] The Japanese pilots had a multitude of high-value targets. Bombed in more than 50 air raids during the Second World War, Darwin is a city shaped by war. The Japanese conducted a series of air raids on Australia during February and March 1942. More than 240 civilians and Australian and US service personnel were killed, and eight ships were sunk in Darwin Harbour. 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The air attacks on Darwin continued until November 1943, by which time the Japanese had bombed Darwin 64 times. Drawing on the Northern Territory Library’s collections, this is a … Japanese planes bomb Darwin Australia in WW2. On 19 February 1942 war came to Australia for the first time since white settlement. They also destroyed 169 U.S. Navy and Army Air Corps planes. The fourth raid on north Queensland occurred on the night of 31 July when a single flying boat dropped a bomb which exploded near a house outside of Mossman, injuring a child. * 235 people were killed, and up to 400 were wounded during the attacks, which began on February 19, 1942. Japanese aircrews also targeted civil infrastructure, including harbours, civil airfields, railways and fuel tanks. Killing at least 235 people and causing immense damage, the attacks made hundreds of people homeless and resulted in the abandonment of Darwin as a major naval base. From a point off the coast of Timor a fleet of around 200 Japanese aircraft were despatched to attack Darwin. 16/8/2016 23:36:58. Six P-39 Airacobras unsuccessfully attempted to intercept the Japanese aircraft. They spotted 27 ships in the harbour and approximately 30 aircraft at the Darwin Civil and RAAF airfields.

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