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Instead of a knot, you can also use hardware: carabineers, toggles, clips, etc. Figure out how long your suspension lines need to be, even if you have a built-in ridgeline! I have some good and bad news about my hammock hang calculator for Android. That’s too bad! The HangTime Hook is a hammock accessory for hanging objects on a ridgeline. ©  2020 The Ultimate Hang. There are many different hammock calculators which don’t have a quite good interface and also not all the specifications this hammock calculator provides you to make the best hammock. Get hanging! You can hang from the rafters, but your hammock needs to be higher off the ground to compensate for the higher termination point for your suspension. If you want your hammock to be lower you need to lower your tree hugger or lengthen your suspension system. You can change it in, Check out 89 similar everyday life calculators, As trees are the most popular place to hang a hammock from, take some time to find the perfect spot. *The developer cannot refund the purchase if it was before October 23, 2013 due to restrictions from the Google Play Store. I drilled holes in the joists in my basement and used 1" tubular webbing tied in loops and used a carabiner to attach my suspension. This calculator is useful on the trail, in the backyard, or if you plan on hanging a hammock indoors. Will this be available on the Amazon App Store? It's based on the size of your hammock … Please advise and help. Don’t take literally for each inch but as a general guideline. How in the name of God’s Holy Trousers am I supposed to know the original purchase date? First, let me be honest in saying that developing an app for Android is like herding cats: there are so many versions, so many hardware variations that it has been difficult to maintain. Find the ultimate hang with the Hammock Hang Calculator by using this app to set your anchors. There are many different articles and blog posts on the Internet, but we'll sum up here three essential features: Writing this short article, we used a few helpful websites, check them out! Only thing I found was hammock tools and it doesn’t let me past the first section . Find the ultimate hang with the Hammock Hang Calculator by using this app to set your anchors. I did receive your email. The Ultimate Hang: A great resource and blog about hammock gear, tips, and tricks. The Hammock Hang Calculator lets you calculate how high to set your anchors based on the size of your hammock and distance between points. Find the ultimate hang with the Hammock Hang Calculator by using this app to set your anchors. I find the format of the clinometer to be confusing, however. 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Filter by: All; Open; Advanced search Search. See more ideas about Hammock camping, Camping, Hammock. This might be a longer post for a simple update, but I hope it is helpful to explain the bad news. The Hammock Hang Calculator lets you calculate how high to set your anchors based on the size of your hammock and distance between points. //]]>. I appreciate the trouble you went through. The hammock hang calculator just found many important values! The Android version was recently updated to fix some lingering bugs and performance issues. I suppose what I mean is that the scale seems to move paradoxically. it would be nice to have the ability to save some of the Parameter … The only changing Parameter is the tree distance. The new Hammock Hang Calculator has a built-in clinometer so you can check your hang angle on the fly and save it to your settings. Hammock Hang Calculator: An easy-to-use visual calculator to help in understanding the forces and dimensions at play when hanging a hammock. Type in the weight of the person that will be using the hammock. Android has been very difficult to develop for in my budget ($0) and skill (very little). Hammock Hang Calculator. Not only can you can calculate how to hang a hammock with this tool, you'll also find several pieces of advice and plenty of useful resources below. Repeat with the second anchor right across from the first anchor point. It's based on the size of your hammock … I have been very sensitive to the issues experienced by Android users of the app and we recently spent some time to fix the major bugs we are aware of. It makes their bodies curve into a banana shape, which may provoke back or knee aches. The Hammock Hang Calculator lets you calculate how high to set your anchors based on the size of your hammock and distance between points. Then using the Indoor Hanging Kit, predrill and lag bolt into the center of the stud, the drywall section previously cut-out and installed the anchor.. A coat of drywall mud over the cut out section with one of those mesh patches gets things looking pretty good.. What else? I regret that I had to take down the app a few months ago because the app was breaking on too many devices. If you're camping outside, it's usually a good idea to protect yourself from rain and insects and other creatures you don't want to share your hammock with️. Hammock tips, illustrations, and reviews. I just emailed you but I’m not sure how frequently you check the corresponding email. What is the name of the Updated The Ultimate hand app for android? The Hammock Hang Calculator – For more specific questions like how high to hang your tree straps, or a specific measurement for indoor hanging, check out the hammock hang calculator from The Ultimate Hang. It's based on the size of your hammock … It is a really cool tool! I mean it’s only two bucks, but it’s a bit disappointing. Default hang angle is 30°. It's based on the size of your hammock … Hammock Hang Calculator. However, for Android users, if you want to get v3 as a free update, you will need to upgrade to the latest app as described above. Find real estate agency Hang Your Hammock Properties in St Thomas, VI on realtor.com®, your source for top rated real estate professionals. Your email address will not be published. You're just one step from total chill out - type a few approximate values and we'll do the rest, finding in the blink of an eye the best way to hang your hammock. The process is underway, but we’re doing it on our free time, which means it will take a few months to hammer out. The hook comes in two sizes to accommodate different cord sizes, from 2 mm (small) to 5 mm (large). Has a useful Hammock Camping 101 page. The app looks good and I look forward to using it. If you have any feature requests or input for the version now in development, please contact me at theultimatehang@gmail.com. Thanks to the tool we determined: Hammock length (10.4 ft) - an estimate of our hammock length. Required fields are marked *. Validate your original purchase (send the original purchase date* and the purchase postal code to, Get a refund from the developer through the Google Play Store. Disregard my email(wolfsoas etc). "),c=g;a[0]in c||!c.execScript||c.execScript("var "+a[0]);for(var e;a.length&&(e=a.shift());)a.length||void 0===d?c[e]?c=c[e]:c=c[e]={}:c[e]=d};var l=function(b){var d=b.length;if(0

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