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Certified humane and raised without any hormones, stimulants or antibiotics on remote and pristine Australian ranches. • This tenderloin is fully cooked to a perfect medium-rare and meets all USDA standards. This signature, beef tenderloin is a tradition that the Perini family is proud to share. As low as $210.00. Sign up for our daily newsletter for more great articles and tasty, healthy recipes. Get your order in today. The formula used to figure your final price is $1.68 per lb live weight. But generally from one of our whole grain-fed beef you can take home around 500 lbs. It is a favorite among presidents, world leaders, movie stars and cowboys alike! Pre-Seasoned Garlic and Herb Rub Prime Rib Roast, 1 count, 3.5-4 lb from Kansas City Steaks • Upon receipt of tenderloin, place immediately in either freezer or refrigerator. The beef has maximum flavor when served at room temperature or chilled. Or if you just want the better ones you might go with the chuck roast, sirloin tip roast, and the rump roast. Cube steak & round steak come from the same area, so you have to choose between one or the other. Get your order in today. We only see tenderloin advertised on sale 2 times a year – Christmas and Valentines Day, so this rare sale is really a special treat! It's always great to have on hand for dinner parties, unexpected guests, or to give as a unique and perfect gift for the holidays, a special occasion, or just to say Thank You. Chef Dean Corbett demonstrates how to clean a whole tenderloin cut of beef from start to finish. Add to Cart. The price is still the same for an 1250 lb beef, but if your beef is a bit under or a bit over weight the price will go down or up accordingly at the same ratio as the 1250 pound-er. This is the entire tenderloin and can be prepared whole for a memorable meal for a large gathering. COVID-19 update: Due to high demand current turnaround time is 7-9 months – from order till pick up. Your Perini Ranch Mesquite Smoked Peppered Beef Tenderloin is packed to order in a Styrofoam container with ice bricks to keep your item as cold as possible for 48 hours, even though we ship overnight to ensure the quality. Additional nutrition information available upon request. Grass-fed beef tenderloins can be roasted whole in a 450 degree oven or sliced into tenderloin steaks. In the burger Category, most folks get their ground beef fat ratio at about 80/20 and packed in 1 lb chubs. They're great as a gift, and since they require no preperation, you can keep on or two in the freezer at all times for those unexpected guests. • On the light side, top a salad with thin slices of Mesquite Smoked Peppered Beef Tenderloin. We always trim and cut for free. Perini Ranch is and has been a family-run business for over 30 years. But if you’re looking for the juiciest, most flavorful meat, then you want grain-fed beef. Please note that all orders scheduled for Saturday delivery are subject to a $25 surcharge and these orders must be placed over the phone 800-367-1721 to verify that the shipping address qualifies for Saturday delivery. Beef tenderloin is also known as filet mignon and is a prime cut of meat from the loin of beef. 8 ounces sour cream 25 - 30 lbs. And really how much am I going to have invested by the time I pay the farmer for the live weight, the butcher for the rail weight, and whatever other fees are involved? Let us know whether you prefer to be called or texted. In the refrigerator, up to seven days. 0 Review(s) Add Your Review. Best of all, it all can be done for a reasonable price. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We also offer 2 lb chubs for burger if you prefer a larger amount in each bag. In the steak category, most people want the prime steaks which are the Rib-eye steak, the Sirloin steaks, and the T-Bone steaks. You can pay for the balance when you pick up your beef. The shortest time frame will be about 3 weeks, but often it is longer than that, especially if you order a half beef. Roasts: 10 to 15 minutes. We also allow you to choose to get Flank steak and Skirt steak from your beef. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. The Perini Ranch Mail Order staff will work with you personally to process multiple orders for your business needs. Please download our Corporate Order Packet by clicking below. Both the round & cube steaks tend to not be as tender as a Rib-eye, T-bone, or Sirloin steak would be. If you want top sirloin, New York strips, or filet mignon we can do that for you. Our tenderloins leave Perini Ranch only after they are smoked to perfection ‐ no cooking required! Our extensive range of cuts includes both boneless and bone-in Top Round Roast, Whole Tenderloin, Rump Roast, Standing Rib Roast, Flank Steak, Short Ribs and Beef Brisket, among others. No need for you to have the stress. If half-a-beef seems like to much for you from a lack of freezer or economical standpoint, we recommend checking among your friends and neighbors to see if anyone would like to split a half with you. They tend to be leaner. Our ultimate goal is to build and maintain relationships with our customers. You may choose Tuesday-Saturday. Mix sour cream and horseradish together and chill. A whole beef tenderloin is this piece plus a longer, narrower piece off the left side. Shop for beef-tenderloin at Costco. 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef tenderloin. All claims must be made within twenty-four hours of receipt of shipment. That way you can no what your final cost will be — even before you get started. This is because we do not harvest the beef till both halves are sold. If you leave the slices whole as pictured above, right, they are called “Round Steaks”. The Perini Ranch Mesquite Smoked Peppered Beef Tenderloin must arrive the day after it is shipped to maintain the quality of the product. For more information about cookies and how to disable cookies, visit our privacy commitment. Tender and Juicy, tenderloin may be grilled or prepared in the oven, requires very little seasoning, or may be marinated. The Perini Ranch Mail Order staff will work with you personally to process Always let the meat rest after cooking. Med: 45 to 50 mins. So if your beef weighs 1230 lbs live weight your total cost will be 1230X $1.68 = $2066.40. Phone: 303-887-9735 Email: Margaret@FlyingBBar.com In the roast category, there are 4 standard options. 3 lbs. There are other steak options as well. will yield on average between 150 to 165 lbs. We are also unable to deliver on Sundays and Mondays. 2000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary. At this time we do not sell beef as quarters because it gets complicated since the front quarter is different from a hind quarter. Lean, mean, and amazingly tender fillet will melt in the mouth Whole Beef Tenderloin. If you are going with grain fed beef I would recommend the 80/20 fat ratio… but we will try to accommodate your preferences. Click here to see our blank Beef Cut Sheet. 2 ounces prepared horseradish Then we like to dry-age the beef in our controlled temperature cooler for about 10 days to help the meat tenderize. Angus is good. Southern Australia Grass-Fed Beef Whole Tenderloin Roast Dinner Kit . Perfect for roasting whole, or cut into steaks and grilled. Each tenderloin gift includes a Ever been confused about how and where to buy a beef and how to get it to the slaughter house? As with the roasts, any of these steaks that is not something you want, you can simply get it ground into your burger. Organ meat, if you are buying a whole beef, you can opt to keep the liver, the heart, and the tongue. Credit will not be granted if unsatisfactory items are discarded or partially consumed. • A tenderloin should serve approximately 15 as hors d'oeuvres or 8 as an entree. Garnish with and freshly chopped herbs or parsley. Tie the tenderloin at one- to two-inch intervals with cotton twine (butcher’s string). What are my cut options? The best way to cook tenderloin is by roasting, grilling, or cooking it sous vide (in a water bath).. Grilled Beef Tenderloin: Free up oven space by grilling your beef tenderloin… gift price remains private. Serve on party rolls and top with Perini Ranch Horseradish Sauce.

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